Founder of Theatre Hub Africa, Babatunde Ojobaro, popularly known as Mista Rain, has produced a repertoire of one of the most historic stories among the Yorubas; Oluronbi. The stage play which was held at Ibadan on Sunday and had over 300 people at the audience was excellently performed with a fusion of dance, drama and acting.

Culture, History, Revitalised As Theatre Hub Africa Stages ‘Oluronbi’ Play In Ibadan

In a bid to connect the oldies and youngins in the audience, Mista Rain skillfully blended traditional and contemporary discourses in music, language and props. Attention was also paid to the issues of gender based violence and the ills in modern society, while still reflecting the story of Oluronbi; the mother whose daughter (Aponbepore) was taken away in a rage of lightning for her refusal to sacrifice the daughter to the gods, despite promising to do so.

Mista Rain, while speaking with Saturday Tribune said he felt it was necessary to revitalise culture and history which is fast losing its hold in the society.

Mista Rain said: “a lot of people are not connected to the culture anymore hence the play was designed in such a way that the older generation would remember what their days were like and the younger generation which probably did not enjoy folklore would still be able to connect to what we oldies enjoyed. This is why it is both traditional and contemporary. In fact, FarmKonnect, one of the play sponsors, believed in the dream of awakening culture even though an agricultural company. Farming is one of our heritage.

“I believe so much in stage plays and this is a way of contributing our quota to theatre culture. Oluronbi is a south west project and we are taking it to three other cities; Osogbo, Abeokuta,and Lagos. This Ibadan edition, I know, gets nothing less than a standing ovation”.