Popular ride-hailing firm, UberX, will, from Octiber 6, 2020, increase its minimum fare from N400 to N500, base from N200 to N220, per kilometer from N60 to N65.

In an e-mail shared with riders and operators, the company disclosed that it was necessary to increase its fares due to the harsh economic condition being experienced by companies due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The firm explained that the decision was taken to balance reliable earning opportunities for driver-partners, as well as a reliable and affordable service for the riders.

“While we have always tried to keep prices as low as possible, we need to be aware of the increased costs for driver-partners. This comes after implementing an in-depth earnings review to ensure that the Uber app continues to be a reliable economic opportunity for driver-partners, as well as an affordable option for riders.

We believe that these fares remain competitive, and we’re committed to offering high-quality service to driver-partners in Lagos,” the e-mail pointed out.

Last February, some riders of Uber had expressed their displeasure when they observed an alleged increase in the fares of the ride-hailing firms.

A customer had complained that he noticed the surge in price after he ordered a cab from his office around Opebi to Ojota, a trip he makes even before the ban on some ride-hailing firms. When the trip ended, he was shocked when he found he had to part with N1,300 as the trip charge, and not the usual N500-800 price range he used to pay.