Abandoned Crews beside a Vesssel

A Prohibition issued by the United Arab Emirates Federal Transport Authority FTA has banned all ships belonging to Venous Ships Management and Operation and its owners from using the UAE ports and waters. There are equally banned from anchoring on the kingdom waters till further notice.

The prohibition stated that “there are banned for the sake of protecting seafarers rights and due to repeated cases of seafarers abandonment” by the company which is based in Fujairah, an Emirate in the UAE situated in the east coast which is mostly mountainous.

Abandoned Philipinoes Crews

Further, the UAE has warned all ships and seafarers against dealing with these companies or other companies owned by the same owners. It would be recalled that the FTA and the International Transport Workers Federation ITF agreed to collaborate together to tackle the incessant cases of abandonment cases in the UAE waters.

Both parties agreed to develop a working relationship between them which involves increased information and cooperation in order to stamp out unwholesome practices such as the abandonment of crews and vessels. The ITF had in its 2017 end of year report revealed that there have been 1300 seafarers abandoned in the past 5 years.

The International Labour Organisation ILO confirmed that about 120-160 cases of abandonment are reported every year and 1,013 seafarers are involved in the last five years. Among the most vulnerable countries whose nationals are worst affected in cases of abandonment include India, Ukraine, and the Philippines.

Responding to the ever-growing problem of owners abandoning their crews on ships without pay, in January this year, the 2014 amendments to the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC), 2006 entered into force, requiring that a financial security system be put in place in order to ensure that ship owners provide compensation to seafarers and their families in the event of abandonment.