An International Oil Tanker

The Houthi rebel group of Yemen who are controlling Sanaa the capital and northern part of the country and are waging war against Saudi Arabia backed legitimate government has taken their campaign of terror against Saudi Arabia to the high seas.

News emanating from the oil-rich kingdom confirmed that the dreaded rebel group attacked a Saudi flagged tanker off the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah on Tuesday the 3rd of April 2019. The Saudi led coalition who confirmed the incident said it occurred in the international waters and not on the Yemeni territorial waters.

The Iranian backed Houthi rebels confirmed they launched the attack on a coalition warship off the Hodeida port in retaliation to the bombing campaign carried out on Hodeida city by the Saudi led coalition the previous day. The said attack was reported to have killed about 12 people of which 7 were children.

Yemeni Port Of Arden

Saudi media insisted it was not a warship but a civilian oil tanker operating along international waters when it was hit around 1330 local time (10.30 GMT). It, however, revealed that the said attack was foiled and the situation brought under control and the ship was escorted by the coalition warship off the area to continue on its voyage northwards.

A European Union naval ship which operates in the area also confirmed the safety of the ship and its crew. The European Union tactical unit for the Middle East, however, warned against targeting civilian merchant vessels undertaking their legitimate business trips along international waters.

The Houthi run Yemeni military media unit said naval forces had “targeted a battleship belonging to the coalition in response to the bombardment of the displaced people in Hodeida”. It claimed it was a direct response to the senseless and wicked Saudi led strikes in the city of Hodeida that left 12 people of the same family dead including seven children.

Houthis Rebel Group in Yemen

Saudi Arabia denied the accusation promising a full investigation. The military strike action by the Saudi led coalition on Yemeni capital of Sanaa in an attempt to flush out Iran back Houthi group have forced the Houthi rebels to launch a flurry of missile attacks into Saudi Arabia targeting the Saudi capital of Riyadh. These attacks had greatly unsettled the oil-rich kingdom causing panic and destruction in its suburbs though the majority of the missiles have been intercepted at last it has succeeded in killing at least one person.

Saudi Arabia accused Iran of supporting and supplying missiles to Houthi rebels, a charge denied by Teheran.