Pirates may have further confirmed their authority in the Gulf of Guinea as they boldly attacked a Cargo ship, around 0430UTC, on January 30, despite Government’s orchestrated anti-piracy preparations for 2021.

The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi had boasted last year, that Government had ordered and received several anti-piracy gadgets and boats, all of which would be deployed against the sea criminals, even while two combat helicopters were being awaited. The copters have reportedly arrived.

Reports from Fleetmon indicated that the attacked ship, going by trackers, was likely to be ROWAYTON EAGLE; and was in the south of Lome Togo.

“Ships tracks in the area point to bulk carrier ROWAYTON EAGLE”, highlighted Fleetmon, noting that she was on its way to Lagos.

“She was en route from Canary Islands to Lagos Nigeria, stopped and then began to loop around on Jan 27, most likely waiting out until receiving ok to proceed to Lagos port”, unknown to her, she was looping in pirates infected waters.

“As of 0600 UTC Jan 30, she was either drifting or moving dead ahead in attack area.

“If ROWAYTON EAGLE was attacked, she was probably boarded”, the organisation stated further, adding that update was however, being awaited.