Top Nollywwod actress, Chika Ike turned 35 a few days ago and took time to celebrate her coming of age in grand style.

The actress who said she wanted to pamper herself with a new car on her big day, said she changed her mind as a result of what is going on in the country.

Chika took to her Instagram account to share the good news with her fans and followers as well as upload her stunning photos. In one of such photos, Chika was decked in a sparkling gold jumpsuit which had a lot of her fans making comments on the photo.

According to her, God has been super awesome to her and she never takes his blessings for granted. She also revealed what she wrote in her vision book when she was 30 and what she thinks about it now.

According to her, five years ago, she noted that she would buy herself a Rolls Royce Phantom as her birthday gift. However, she stated that her mindset has changed. Chika said that she would rather buy houses and add it to her real estate investment portfolio while also thinking towards appreciating assets and not depreciating liabilities.

The screen goddess also added that people must always be in tune with their surroundings and know when to switch things up. She explained that people won’t hesitate to take a person’s humility for foolishness or timidity, and rounded up her submission by stating that too much humility can ultimately be self-destructive.