The Gulf of Guinea may have finally been taken over by pirates as another Greek product tanker, MARIA E was attacked Tuesday, February 9, and boarded at 1220 UTC.

Fleetmon reports indicated the vessel was attacked, northwest of Sao Tome and Principe, while en route from Lome, Togo.

The ship’s AIS according to available AIS providers, was off since tanker left Lome, in the morning of Feb 8, without additional reasons.

No other information was available at the moment of going to press, even as Stakeholders await updates.

Pirates again, in some 3 days, attacked comparatively small tanker operated by Greeks, and deployed in the Gulf of Guinea.

MARIA E was indicated to be trading in this region since at least Feb 2020, with the most visited ports being Bata Equatorial Guinea, Pointe Noire, Malabo.

Pirates may prefer such tankers for a number of reasons, possible availability of cash.