The Lomonosov at St. Petersburg Port

Russia calls it the “The Academy Lomonosov the world first mobile nuclear power plant. However, green peace environmental protectionist calls it the “Nuclear Titanic” the mobile nuclear plant is said to have arrived the Arctic port of Murmansk in preparation for its maiden mission which is to provide electricity to isolated Russian towns across the Bering Strait from Alaska.

Despite the ebullient posture of success and accomplishment display by the Russian over the successful launch of the mobile plant, there is serious concern from the environmentalist as to the safety of such a vessel on the high seas. The real fear according to green peace is in the event of a nuclear accident occurring in the high seas.

Notwithstanding the criticism, the company behind the feat believes they can reproduce the plants by pioneering a new power source and deploy them to an isolated island and remote parts of the planet.

The floating nuclear plant developed by Russian state nuclear company Rosatom released the process the mobile plant will go through before effectively providing much-needed power to the stranded towns and island.

According to them, the plant was docked at Murmansk after being towed from St Petersburg where it was built. While in Murmansk it will be fed with a nuclear fuel before being towed again to the town of Pevek in the far eastern region of Chukotka.

This town of Chukotka is separated from the US state of Alaska by an 86 km Bering Strait. The plant is set to replace a coal fire–power plant and an aged nuclear power plant which supply about 50,000 people with electricity according to Rosatom.

The Mobile Nuclear Plant under Construction

The planned launching of seaborne power small units made of small capacity plants which are best suited to remote regions and can help reduce greenhouse gases emissions blame for global warming thereby helping the environment.

Also, its operations are best suited for remote, inaccessible island and towns as the plants can operate successfully for three to five years without the need for fueling.

However, environmentalist groups including green peace have sent a strongly worded letter to Rosatom group president Alexei Likhachyov urging his company to ensure strict environmental and safety standards revealing that the mobile nuclear plant is already under a close monitor.

According to Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe, “nuclear reactors bopping around the Arctic Ocean will pose a shockingly obvious threat to a fragile environment which is already under enormous pressure from climate change.