The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), yesterday said it intercepted fireworks explosives and dynamites imported into the country from China.

The explosives, which was intercepted on Lagos road by the Comptroller-General Strike Force headed by Assistant Comptroller Shuaib Muhammed, was released from one of the Lagos ports. This was even as the unit said it intercepted 8,090 smuggled foreign rice, 7,560 KG of Pangolin scales with N8.4billion street values, second hand clothing among others.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, the national coordinator of the CGC strike force, Abdullahi Kirawa said the container contained 1,420 cartons of fireworks and crackers also known as knockouts. He however said that that investigations are ongoing to know which of the ports the explosives were released from. He said, “Explosives are on import prohibition list and if it were to be imported, there must be end users certificates but this did not have end-user certificate.”