There would be job losses in the maritime industry

Workers in the maritime industry in Nigeria and the world over have been sweating it out over fear of a massive loss of jobs in the industry following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.
This fear, according to industry watchers, is borne out of the already fragile economic situation, with businesses poised to be decimated as a fallout from the pandemic that has been ravaging the world.

Employers in the maritime industry have also threatened to lay off staff who have added no value to the organization during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Ngige, Labour Minister

Some maritime stakeholders who spoke on the impeding job losses, confirmed that ‘indeed there would be job loss in the industry due to the effect of the pandemic in the nation’s maritime industry.’
The Vice President of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), who also revealed that there could be up to 35 percent job loss in the industry, adding that some shipping companies and terminal operators are already thinking of laying off some of their staff who had added little or no valuable contribution to the company since lockdown.

He said the shipping companies confirmed that if they could work with 60 percent of their staff efficiently during the lockdown, there would be no need to keep the remaining 40 percent.
Also speaking on the same length, the Public Relations Officers of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), Stanley Ezenga, also noted that indeed there would be job loss in the industry, stating that his company was already on the verge of laying three of its staff he knew he can do away with, as having them will amount to wasting of resources.
“There is no doubt about the fact that there would be job loss. Since the inception of the lockdown, some staff have not been going to work and their impact has not been felt.
After normalcy has been restored, they may be asked to go home because those ones who are not adding value to the industry will be laid off.

The Apapa Port in Lagos

For me, I am considering laying off three or four of my staff that have added no value during the lock down since their impact as well as their absence are not felt there will indeed be job loss.
Only those adding values will be retained, employers won’t want to waste their money on paying salary to those that are not adding value,” Ezenga said.