The federal government has purchased a $8.5 million calibration aircraft that will be used across he country.

A calibration aircraft is used to inspect equipment or any other communication or navigational instrument to ensure that they work accurately and precisely.

Hadi Sirika, minister of aviation, who announced that he took delivery of the aircraft on Thursday, said it would make Nigeria’s airspace safer.

The minister said Nigeria last had such aircraft 20 years ago. He added that due to the importance of the aircraft, Nigeria was paying $500,000 to South Africa or Niger every six months in order to make use of the equipment.

“Just received new calibration aircraft for the country. (The) make is King Air 350i. Cost is $8.5m,” he tweeted.

“The agony of contracting it to South Africa at about $500,000 every six months is over. Our airspace is safer. Thanks Mr. President, we started and finished during your regime.

Sirika said the government made up its mind to procure the aircraft during s reconstructing the Abuja airport runway, there was the need recalibrate all the landing aids at the time, which was actually the requirement.