Smuggled Goods Impounded By Nigerian Customs

The Nigerian Custom and Excise has raised an alarm at the huge revenue losses experienced by it as a result of incessant, persistent and daring smuggling activities along with some notorious Nigerian borders.

The alarm was raised by the Deputy Comptroller General of Customs Enforcement, Investigation and Inspection, Aminu Dangaladima while featuring on a television programme monitored in Lagos.

According to him the borders in Katsina, Kano, Ogun, and Lagos are the most notorious smuggling routes in Nigeria. He revealed that several efforts and incentives have been made and given to even foreign countries of Niger, Chad, and Cameroun to encourage them to fight smuggling but it was a futile effort.

Despite this set back the customs boss revealed that some far-reaching plans will soon be implemented which will go a long way to help check smuggling. An example of these is the collaboration between the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria MAN and the Nigeria Customs to form a national joint task force to help check smuggling of foreign goods into Nigeria.

Also, the custom has entered into a collaboration with the Nigerian Airforce, Navy and the military on the fight against smuggling.

Another measure introduced by the customs to check smuggling is the proposed introduction of Scanners in the process of clearing goods in the ports to ensure speedy release of imported goods out of the ports. These measures according to the customs boss will help to discouraged smuggling.

Customs Personnel on Parade

Mr. Joseph Makoju who is the Managing Director of Dangote cement also commented during the programme. He accused the Benin republic government and customs of deliberately sabotaging the efforts of manufacturers in Nigeria by allowing the influx of foreign goods to be smuggled into Nigeria through their borders.

Makoju called on the Nigerian government to sanction both the government of Benin and Niger republics so as to stem the influx of smuggled goods into Nigeria from those countries.

He also advocated the deployment of solid technology in cargo clearance to enable the process to be efficient and profitable. He also canvassed for the banned on open display of smuggled goods in shops and market in the country.

Majoku also lamented the ill effects of smuggling on the survival of local industries and stressed that if Nigeria desires to be like the industrialized countries of South Africa and India then we must declare and wage total war against smuggled imported goods into the country.